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Types of modern cabinets and their design features

Such furniture can be cabinet, built-in, semi-built-in, so the wardrobe often depends on the overall furniture set and interior design. We list the main types of cabinets that can be found in all types of interiors and design projects:

Swing. The most popular type of cabinets with regular door opening is when they swing open 90 degrees. The advantage of such a cabinet is that you immediately have a whole overview of all things.
Sliding – the so-called wardrobes. Their advantage is that they look great, they can be completely without fittings, which is especially suitable for lovers of loft, hi-tech, minimalism styles, and they are also indispensable in small apartments with a small area.
Wardrobes with an accordion-type folding door are also convenient in houses with a small area of \u200b\u200brooms, narrow corridors and hallways.

For transportation, it is important to remember that cabinets with “compartment” or “accordion” doors must either be carefully disassembled, or their doors must be fixed so that they do not open or knock against each other in any case, especially if there is a mirror on the cabinet door -coupe. The design of a sliding wardrobe may be subject to disassembly, but in this case it is better to entrust the disassembly to professionals with special tools.