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General recommendations for transporting the cabinet

When transporting a cabinet (or several cabinets) yourself, you need to be prepared for the fact that:

you need to allocate time in advance – best of all, the whole day to disassemble the cabinet, pack fittings and boards, pack glass doors, meet movers, pull the cabinet out of the apartment, load it, deliver it, unload it, assemble it back;
you need to choose the appropriate transport – to do this, measure the cabinet in height and width, if it is not disassembled, and if it is disassembled, then you will still need the height of the boards, which is exactly to be sure that the boards will not stick out of the body (this is unsafe);
it is necessary to purchase the appropriate packaging in advance – thick film, air-bubble film for glass and fittings, corners for legs, adhesive tape;
most likely you will have to disassemble the cabinet yourself – it will be safer and easier to load and transport it, because it takes up less space, which means there is less chance that you will damage it when taking it out of the apartment and loading it into the car.