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Cleaning up after the move

Take inventory of closets and dressers, throw out or give away excess and unnecessary items after moving with
Move large furniture away from walls and vacuum behind it.
Wipe down baseboards.
Wipe dust off all horizontal surfaces, not forgetting kitchen cabinets and shelving.
Wipe the walls with a damp cloth (only if you have washable paint).
Remove curtains and tulle, send to the wash.
Wash windows.
Wipe down window sills.
Vacuum and wipe down heating radiators.
Take all the clothes out of the closet or closet, wipe the shelves with a damp rag (you can apply a few drops of essential oil for fragrance).
Pre-wash, dry-clean, and put warm winter clothes in boxes on the far shelf.
Vacuum and clean the carpet and upholstery with a special cleaner.
Wash pillows, blankets and comforters.
Clean the fridge inside and out.
Carry out general cleaning of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
Wipe down lampshades and lampshades of lamps and chandeliers.