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5 ways to get rid of ants at home

Finding ants in your own home after move with best packers and movers is not a pleasant surprise. A dirty plate or bread crumbs left on the table – and now whole colonies of ants are crawling around the apartment. Little invaders settle in all rooms and only multiply every day … In this article, we will talk about several simple, effective and safe ways to deal with ants.

Of course, specialized stores sell effective, fast-acting remedies to stop ant activity. But you may want to use environmentally friendly and animal-friendly methods that are easy to make. We will introduce you to five of them.

To protect your home from ants, you can take the following preventive measures:

Store garbage only in closed cupboards and bags.
Never leave food waste in the open.
Make sure the flower pots you bring into the house are free of ants.
Check the condition of the seals in windows and doors.
Store pet food in sealed bags and cabinets.
Ventilate the room regularly so that the ants do not feel at home.

Ants have a highly developed sense of smell and therefore do not like strong odors. Strong-smelling essential oils such as lavender, clove or lemon will scare away unwanted tenants. Scented oils are most effective when applied directly to areas where ants are most likely to visit.

You can also use ground cinnamon if needed. Just sprinkle it on the infected areas of the house, and the ant army will leave. In addition, a pleasant smell will soar at home, reminiscent of Christmas. Other slightly less flavorful alternatives are lemon zest or vinegar.

Ants hate chalk, so it creates a natural barrier that these little insects cannot cross. Have you noticed an invasion of ants in your apartment or want to prevent unwanted intrusion? Use a very simple defensive strategy with chalk: draw lines with chalk where you saw ants. However, the chalk lines will need to be updated periodically as they wear out quickly over time or weather.

Copper coins are ideal for killing ants. They can be laid out directly near the habitat of ants, on ant “paths” or in those places through which they enter the house. You can also stick copper wires into the anthill. Ants hate the smell of copper as much as they hate strong-smelling perfume oils.

If you find an ant pile in the garden, you can easily move it. To do this, fill the flower pot with soil and place it upside down on the anthill. The ants will accept it as their new home and move into the flower pot. After a while, just take the pot and move it wherever you want.